Beautiful Lakeside Tower Views during the Golden Hour

September 19, 2019

Many professional and amateur photographers know that the best time of day to take photos that just seem to glow is the “Golden Hour.” This is the time of day about one hour after sunrise and one hour before sunset, where the sun on the horizon casts a warm, golden, sometimes peachy glow over everything it touches.

Many thanks to one of our followers on Facebook for capturing this beautiful photo of the Lakeside Tower, and for allowing us to share it!

Golden hour photography gets its characteristic look from the sun’s lower position in the sky. Compared to other times of day, golden hour light is:

  1. Soft: the transition from light to dark is gradual, creating soft light that’s universally flattering and particularly good for portraits.
  2. Warm: the low angle of the sun creates an orange glow, associated with calm and happiness.
  3. Directional: with the sun low in the sky, it’s easy to create back-lighting, side lighting or front lighting with just the sun and an inexpensive reflector or a modified fill flash. Learn more from this article.

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