Lakeside Wins NNO Best Neighborhood Award from Town

November 8, 2019

At the Town Council meeting Monday night, November 4, Lakeside DFW won the “National Night Out Neighborhood Of The Year” award (large neighborhood category).

Lakemont HOA won the award in the small HOA category and Westchester Hillshire Ct. won the award in the Private Party category.

Officer Justin Buck presented the award along with Chief Andy Kancel and Asst. Chief Wendell Mitchell.

Holly Homer, Gil Metzger, Kathy Frisbie, and Jenice Pizzuto accepted the award at the ceremony on behalf of the Lakeside community.

The neighborhoods competed based on their National Night Out festivities, which are designed to curb crime by boosting relationships with neighbors and with law enforcement and fire protection.

“Over the years,” said Office Buck, “they’ve seen everything, including helicopters, petting zoos, a drum corps, and some spectacular food offerings.”

The town sent a team of three (one representative each from the police and fire departments, plus a special guest) to observe each of the events, interview participants, and assign values based on their participation, activities, spirit, and originality.

“Unique, friendly, inviting, good location,” commented one of the judges who attended the Lakeside event.

“The event was well organized and included many activities,” added another judge. “The event had a large crowd who all seemed to be having a great time.”

Forty-one neighborhoods competed this year.

“With National Night Out we hope to encourage community engagement and getting to know your neighbors,” said Officer Buck.

“One of our goals with this event is that communities within Flower Mound grow stronger, get to know one another better, and we — as first responders — get to strengthen our relationship with the community we serve.”

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