Twenty-Foot-Tall Sculpture Coming to Lakeside

November 7, 2018

“Up We Go,” a 20-ft-tall aluminum and glass sculpture by California artist Gordon Huether, is coming to Lakeside’s central roundabout in early 2019.

“The sculpture celebrates the vitality of humanity,” said Huether from his Napa studio. “Its positive, skyward gesture has an energizing effect — embracing the sky and sun as it encourages viewers to do the same.”

“Up We Go” will be located a little over 100 yards from The Lakeside Tower, another energetic attempt to embrace the sky.

The Lakeside Boardwalk, the Northshore Trail, the sidewalks of Lakeside Parkway, and the Lakeside Dog Park are also located close by.

Colored glass strips attached to the extruded aluminum lengths filter light and the surrounding environment.

“‘Up We Go’ seems to capture the energy of Lakeside and its residents,” commented Richard Myers, managing director of Realty Capital, the master developer of Lakeside.

Huether, 59, has been creating large-scale, site-specific art for public spaces from his Napa studio since 1989.

His public art has been commissioned for airports, universities, hotels, hospitals, museums, residential communities, and corporations. Locally, his work can be seen at CityLine in Richardson (“Over the Moon”) and The Bridge Homeless Assistance Center in Downtown Dallas (“Windows to the Soul”).

Huether works in a variety of materials but he leans primarily toward glass (frequently colored glass) and aluminum.

“Up We Go” combines the two elements:  Custom extruded aluminum lengths provide the upward thrust while attached colored glass components (63” long by 5” wide and safety laminated) filter bits and pieces of the surrounding environment.

Four up-facing lights will give the sculpture a striking appearance at night.

The sculpture was selected by Lakeside DFW homeowners who voted on three options presented by Realty Capital Management in March. (Town Planning & Zoning commissioners consulted with Realty Capital officials on the selection process.)

The options included an obelisk approximately 25’ tall, a proposal from Gordon Huether, and “Up We Go” (an existing work).

Of the 58 homeowners who participated, 24 voted for “Up We Go,” while 16 voted for Huether’s other proposal (or 40 for one or the other of Huether’s works). Eighteen voted for the obelisk.

“It is gratifying to see this new sculpture go up in Lakeside,” commented Ron Miller, chairman of Flower Mound’s Cultural Arts Commission, “because art in a public space is one of the best ways to ensure that it can be experienced and enjoyed by a larger audience.

“Public art,” Miller added, “also changes the experience of being in a particular place. At its best, public art can change and enhance even commonplace locations.”

Globussphäre sculpture Gordon Huether created for outside a customer care facility in Loßburg, Germany. Materials: Acrylic, Glass, Metal | 16’ DIA | 2009

The artwork is being funded by Lakeside DFW Land Ltd., a partnership that includes the Peter P. Stewart family and Realty Capital.

Work to prepare the site for the January installation is expected to begin in the next week.

Once the sculpture has been installed, the roundabout will be landscaped with three Yaupon Holly trees, Pink Muhly Grass, and “Elijah Blue” fescue (click here for a rendering of the completed roundabout).